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Young collection: my pavilion for antique and rare book at the 23rd International Book Fair in Turin

23rd International Book Fair in Turin

Umberto Eco and the philosopher Maurizio Ferraris with the semiologist Patrizia Violi, talk of “the delirium of listing”, the vortex of the cataloguing of what exists, with which humanity attempts to exorcise the damage of time and the limits of its own mnemonic abilities, but also of the need for oblivion. The meeting is entitled The future of memory.

In this photo, Umberto Eco and the culture secretary of state of the San Marino Republic Romeo Morri, outside my pavilion: the Young ‘cube’, a black cube so named because totally black inside and with a dim light lamps that light ONLY the books exposed.

In 2010 the Library of the University di San Marino showed at the International Book Fair in Turin, Italy, the most precious volumes from the Young collection, the richest collection of opuses on memory and mnemotechnics in the world. The Young Collection is conserved in San Marino. It includes books from the XV to the XIX century as well as 11 incunabula, almost 2000 monographs from a posterior time, 2000 articles, 500 pieces of graphics and memorabilia, and other materials connected to memory and memorization.

Young_collection brochure

Umberto Eco and the secretary of state of the San Marino republic Romeo Morri outside the Young ‘cube’ collection

My project for the pavilion; the Young collection at the 23rd International Book Fair in Turin

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