Gabriele Toneguzzi

Uia 2008 Turin Congress: Building for the future

Congress Uia 2008 © Manuele Mandrile (courtesy Il Giornale dell’Architettura)

Building for the future
Imagining and designing spaces for the future means that today we must embrace leading-edge experimentation, take responsibility and have a robust constitution. We must be able to make decisions quickly and develop a building contract system that is equally sensitive to change.

Our lifestyle will inevitably change over the next few years. Sustainability will be a major imperative, not least for economic reasons.
Nanobuildings, pollutionabsorbing catalytic buildings, highly efficient buildings capable of producing more energy than they consume: these will shape the profession, givingit fascinating, but undefined and shifting contours; problems will become opportunities and the boundary between design normality and madness will be blurred: imagination will rule.

Gabriele Toneguzzi

Published on Il Giornale Dell’architettura - Uia 2008 Special Daily Edition, July, 3rd, 2008

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